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Medical Alert System

For protection in and around your home, VANiK’s In-Home Medical Alert connects wirelessly to our monitoring center. You get the independence and peace of mind that comes with our leading medical alert service even if you don’t have a traditional landline!

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Wireless Medical Alert System for Your Home

Perfect for seniors who spend most of the time at home.

Wireless Medical Alert System for Your Home

Perfect for seniors who spend most of the time at home.

Fall Detection

Our Fall Detection sensor notifies us when it determines a fall occurred. Our monitoring center specialists contact you right away.¹


With the senior alert button’s waterproof seal, you can now comfortably go in the shower with our in-home device and still be protected from falls.

Small & Lightweight

At less than a 1/2 ounce, our lightweight button allows you to walk around your house without feeling weighed down.

Most Reliable Network

The AT&T 4G LTE network is the most powerful nationwide service available, allowing us to monitor anywhere in the US.

Fall Detection

The in-home wireless medical alert pendant works up to 600 ft away. Perfect for in and around your home.

How It Works

1. Press your device's help button

2. We answer your call in seconds

3. Quickly assess the situation

4. Help is on the way

Key Benefits

Here's How Our Wireless Solution Fits Into Your Lifestyle

Your Whole Home Is Covered with a 600ft Range

Unrivaled monitoring in and around your home

Our in home wireless medical alert system has a huge 600 ft range; that’s about two football fields! So you can live your life independently knowing your entire home is covered.

Even elderly people who are hard of hearing can communicate with our monitoring center specialists thanks to the device’s extra loud speaker and sensitive microphone.

For Medical Alerts, the Smaller the Better

You won't even know you're wearing it

Seniors are more likely to wear their medical alert necklace if the pendant is small and lightweight. Comfort is key. That’s why LifeStation’s wireless in home system is very compact.

Weighing less than ½ an ounce, you’ll hardly notice the pendant, except when you need it. The small button can be comfortably worn as either a necklace or on the wrist.


Talk to a VANiK representative and order your medical Alert Today!

Call or Text (816) 744-0543

Talk to a VANiK representative and order your medical Alert Today!

Call or Text (816) 744-0543

Fast, Reliable Help in Any Emergency

Trust and protection from the #1 rated medical alert company

24/7 US-Based Monitoring

With monitoring centers in New Jersey and Texas, our certified care specialists are always on call for any medical alert emergency.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try our medical alert system for 30 days. If you’re not satisfied, send back your system and we’ll issue a full refund.

Fastest Response Time

You get one of the fastest response times in the medical alert industry 24/7 from our TMA award-winning, UL-listed, CSAA Five Diamond senior alert monitoring center.


Frequently Asked Questions

Around 80% of falls happen on slippery surfaces like a bathroom, so it’s crucial for your system to work there. Since our button is waterproof, you can wear it in the shower or tub.

Additionally, your medical alert button will work anywhere in your house or apartment. Equipped with an extra loudspeaker, you’ll be able to communicate with our monitoring center to summon help if you fall down and need help.

Yes. The small sleek help button can be worn as both a medical alert necklace or a bracelet. It’s very easy to switch it from your neck to your wrist and right back again.

Yes. With a range of 600ft, you’re not stuck in your home. You’ll be able to garden, sit on the porch, or get the mail with the peace of mind knowing if you take a tumble and can’t get up, you can press the button and help will be sent right away!

Our system is designed to work in homes of up to 3,500 square feet.  However, we still encourage our customers to do a vocal range test once the system is received.


The VANiK in-home medical alert pendant weighs about half an ounce and is not much larger than the size of a quarter.

It sure will! The VANiK medical alert system is equipped with a backup battery that lasts up to 32 hours; this far exceeds the average amount of time for a blackout.


Our in-home systems are designed to be plug and play without the need for a professional installer. In order to setup our system, you plug it into the wall, call to test the device, and you’re all set.

¹Fall Detection does not detect 100% of falls. If able, users should always push their button when they need help.