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The Best of Intrusion Protection

Intrusion detection is a mainstay of professionally installed security systems and VANiK Media Solutions provides a custom-designed approach made for your business and your vertical market. We work with you to address the challenges and issues you face so you can keep unauthorized individuals out yet still provide the type of workspace that lets employees, approved contractors and visitors unfettered and unencumbered movement within the facility.

Each specification starts with our specialty: the consultative approach. We conduct a complete site survey, walking the premises with stakeholders. We involve the facilities manager and IT personnel, so the end result is an intrusion detection plan that works for everyone. Our services include deep knowledge and expertise of the following vertical markets and more:

  • Education, from K-12 to higher learning institutions.
  • Critical infrastructure, including utilities and water treatment and chemical plants.
  • Transportation and aviation.
  • Healthcare, hospitals and medical and doctor’s offices.
  • Finance, banking and credit unions.
  • Retail and hospitality.

Because each facility is different, that is where the expertise of VANiK Media Solutions shines. For example, you may need opening and closing reports that provide a detailed history of when a system is armed and disarmed by date, time and user.

Reports can be provided on a weekly or monthly basis via fax or email. Another viable option is hold-up and duress buttons for financial institutions and banks as well as integrated lock-down options for schools or even medical facilities.

Your solutions do not stop at the inside. In fact, intrusion detection begins on the outside of your facility, where we may incorporate gates and parking controls, including two-way voice and emergency alert buttons. Anything’s possible, and that is what we deliver.

Commercial Access Control

Managing Authorized and Unauthorized Users

The essence of access control is managing who comes and goes from your facility. It is critical to keep unwanted people out, yet still let employees and authorized visitors from feeling overly restricted. But now, access control has moved into identification and data management.

From online and offline locks, secure wireless WiFi, card, proximity and even high-security biometrics, VANiK Media Solutions has access control for every size facility – from single locations to enterprise networked systems. Access control also transcends security information into data you can use for human resources and time and attendance, as well as smart credentials to dually debit and payment plans, particularly attractive for campus and education users.

Integrated with intrusion detection and video surveillance, access control keeps you up to date with email and mobile alerts on the safety and security at your facility. VANiK Media Solutions will design a custom solution and deploy a comprehensive access control system that includes:

  • Client-site server applications where you control access control privileges on site.
  • Cloud and web-based server applications where we take control of the management so you do not have to be concerned with issuing badges, changing permissions and uploading software and other interfaces.
  • Whatever option you decide. We can help with parts of the administration or leave it up to you to decide.

High-Security Applications

For those areas which require a higher level of security or identity management, we offer the latest biometrics. This technology can be used effectively in critical infrastructure applications, or at certain areas of the facility requiring greater restrictions, such as laboratories, medical facilities, drug dispensaries or for controlled access to computers or networks.

Coupled with central station monitoring, your facility will be protected inside and outside the premises, while offering the precise level of administration you need.

Commercial Video Surveillance

Real-Time Activity Assessments

Network connected IP video cameras give you complete control over your premises and present another valuable layer to providing intelligence on what is happening in and around your business. From single cameras at entrances or sensitive areas to CCTV across the enterprise, VANiK Media Solutions provides surveillance for targeted applications. Video surveillance can be deployed in many different ways to accomplish all your security and safety goals:

  • At entrances and exits, integrated with access control and intrusion detection.
  • To verify intrusion and with central station monitoring to provide additional information to responding authorities.
  • In factories or warehouses to keep apprised of activity during production or stocking.
  • For overall identity management at the property and to remotely see who is coming before unlocking gates.
  • To record and archive as necessary for positive identification or to verify employee’s whereabouts.

Capturing the Data You Need


At VANiK Media Solutions, we never suggest surveillance – unless you need it! We will not force feed you any specification and first determine what you want to accomplish and how surveillance may achieve your goals. There is a wide range of different types of cameras and technologies and we are the experts who do the homework to make sure what we suggest and install is the best in the business. We offer unconditional warranties on all our systems – so your security experience will be all you expect and more.

Contact us for a FREE assessment of your commercial property so we can determine what your needs are and how surveillance might be part of your overall security plan.

Outdoor Surveillance

Wireless Mesh, Long-Range Radio


VANiK Media Solutions is a leader in providing outdoor surveillance to critical infrastructure, government, military and law enforcement departments. We offer a host of outdoor protection scenarios, including microwave, fence and seismic sensors and wireless mesh technology to provide the best prevention and detection to these markets and more. Wireless mesh networks are secure and can easily, effectively and wirelessly connect entire cities using inexpensive, existing technology.

We have accomplished many successful outdoor surveillance using mesh and other technologies. We also deploy the latest video management software so you can easily manage and control every part of your security. VANiK Media Solutions can tie its wireless communications topology into command and control centers and public safety centers, as well as provide integration to police car and first responder vehicles.

Protecting the Protectors


Ask us about all our proven, successful projects using:

  • Wireless mesh technology and long-range radio
  • Integrated access control
  • Enterprise video surveillance
  • Gates and parking garage controls and emergency duress
  • Audio and two-way voice
  • Consultation on command and control centers
  • Every part of the outskirts of your property or building

Outdoor surveillance and security can be challenging, but VANiK Media Solutions knows how to address any potential issues the environment poses. Technologies are built to withstand the elements and anything a potential intruder dishes out, to provide prevention and proactive alerts so you avoid costly loss of property and keep your personnel safe.


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