Distributed Audio

Imagine enjoying music under the stars, in the kitchen, in the garage…

Experience The Connectivity

Distributed Audio

VANiK  will show you how easily music can be distributed throughout your home.  With just the touch of a button, a keypad or touch screen will give you just what you want to hear or see. Take control of all the technology and systems in the home from your favorite Apple or Android device wherever you are in the world.  You can monitor and control lights, media, climate, security and more from a mobile broadband or Wi-Fi connection.

  • Inconspicuous placement of equipment, controls and speakers
  • Independent control for select locations of your home
  • Touch Screen, Keypad and Wireless Remote-Control Systems
  • iPad, iPhone and Android compatible

We offer a wide selection of products to meet every individual need and budget.
Let VANiK  bring today’s electronics to your home and lifestyle.

Distributed Audio Benefits

Clutter-Free Audio

Say goodbye to tangled wires attached to individual audio systems in each room and enjoy listening to your music unencumbered with whole-home distributed audio.

Endless Choices

Whether you want to listen to the same audio in every room or different audio in different rooms simultaneously, the possibilities are endless with distributed audio.


Rather than purchasing separate audio systems for each room, a distributed audio system saves money and improves efficiency for an optimal home audio experience.

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