According to a recent Harvard study, 1 out of 6 IT projects exceeds its budget by 200% and runs over schedule by 70%. When it comes to server projects, these statistics often look like inappropriate hardware or improper installation that causes prolonged downtime and expensive, more serious problems down the road.

VANiK’s IT Consulting for Server Projects lets you avoid these issues and focus your time and energy on your core operations. We’ll handle everything from infrastructure planning to vendor negotiation to deployment, and be there whenever you require support or have a question after the project is complete.

When you trust your servers to Visionary IT, you can expect:

A Team of Experts
Our Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators will learn about your business and deliver server solutions that fit your specific needs and budget.

Fast, 24/7 Support
We usually respond to support requests in less than 1 hour and provide both remote and on-site assistance.

Your dedicated Account Manager and our easy-to-use client portal make it easy to track the progress of your project.

Contact us for a free server repair or a project quote. We support all versions of Windows Server OS and Red Hat.