120″ Fixed Frame, Hand-Wrapped Velvet, ISF-Certified 16:9 Front Projection Screen, 2.4″ width frame



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EPV Projection Screens Prime Vision SE120H2-ISF 120” Projector Screen (Chroma White)

Reference-grade performance for home theater and media rooms! The EPV Projection Screens Vision Projector Screen features ISF certified matte white projection material on a 2.4” aluminum hand-wrapped velveteen frame. Providing accurate color rendition, wide viewing angles, and controlled lighting, it is specifically created to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience.


This Prime Vision Projector Screen is 4K/8K Ultra HD, HDR ready. It is designed with a 180⁰ wide viewing angle with diffusion uniformity to reflect bright images across the entire surface for superior off-axis performance. Constructed with a black-backing, this design eliminates light penetration for added brightness. Best of all it is all backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

EPV Projection Screens®

EPV Projection Screens®, a division of Elite Screens, is dedicated to delivering superior and outstanding products for the custom install market. The product line features a wide range of electric and fixed-frame projection screens. From front projection and acoustically transparent to ambient light rejecting and polarized 3D materials, EPV Projection Screens® provides a projection screen that fits just about any viewing experience.

Material: Tensioned Matte White Material
Color: White
Gain: 1.25
Viewing Angle: 180
Backing: Black (to eliminate light penetration for added brightness)
Certifications: ISF
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Frame: Lightweight Aluminum Split-Frame
Mounting Brackets: Sliding Wall (horizontally adjustable)
Aspect ratio: 16:9
Overall Width: 109.4″
Viewable Width: 104.7″
Overall Height: 63.4″
Viewable Height: 58.7″
Frame Width: 2.4″
Frame Depth: 1.6″


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