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The ADC-VC728PF is a 1080P capable, indoor/outdoor, Power over Ethernet (PoE) bullet camera. It has a manually adjustable ball joint mount, and a motorized varifocal lens. This offers exceptional flexibility in installation whether you choose to mount indoors, or outdoors.

A bullet camera is a camera that is shaped somewhat like a bullet. In the video industry, they are also sometimes known as a lipstick camera. The ADC-VC728PF is small enough that it almost doesn’t qualify as a bullet camera! The motorized varifocal lens allows a user to remotely widen or narrow the camera’s field of view with no loss of video quality. This means that after the physical installation has been completed, and the camera has been added to the account, final tweaks can be made remotely to perfect the quality of the images being captured. This feature is also helpful if something in the environment the camera is viewing changes, and some small adjustments need to be made.

In addition to cloud storage through, the ADC-VC728PF supports 24/7 recording with a compatible onboard MicroSD card (not included) and/or with the Commercial Stream Video Recorder (CSVR126). The recommended MicroSD cards are ones created specifically for the rigors of video recording and re-recording. Some brands that are approved by are Micron Industrial Memory Cards, SanDisk High Endurance, and WD Purple MicroSD Cards. The highest capacity supported by the camera is 256GB.

If you’ll be installing the ADC-VC728PF to any of a number of third-party mounting bases, then you should consider purchasing the ADC-VACC-MNT110. This is an adapter plate that will quickly and easily make the base of the camera fit the third-party mounting base. It will adapt the camera base to a CB110, AB110, and PC110 which can then be used with other parts to either ceiling mount, wall mount, corner mount, or pole mount the camera.

In addition to PoE, a few of the other advanced features of the ADC-VC728PF are 4MP HDR video (coming soon, currently only supported on the CSVR126), Business Activity Analytics, Onboard Recording with Smart View, Video Analytics with Object Detection, IR Night Vision (good up to ~95 feet (30m), and an IP66 rating. Being IP66-rated means that the camera is waterproof and dust-tight. Along with the camera, the box contains mounting hardware, a torx wrench, and the water-resistant cap.


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