LSR6 – Ambisonic Landscape Ribbon Loudspeaker



Model LSR6 and LSR6-70V are all-weather outdoor loudspeakers equipped with a weatherized, 2.8” planar magnetic ribbon driver/waveguide assembly (patent pending), in coaxial alignment with a 5.25” high fidelity woofer featuring a glass-fiber cone and rubber surround for extreme resistance to the elements. The LSR6 delivers impressively transparent sound quality previously unavailable in any outdoor/landscape satellite loudspeaker.

Landscape Ribbon

If there was ever truth in sound, the LSR6 delivers it. The proprietary magnetic planar ribbon tweeter provides true to life sound with ultra-fast transients. The result is a speaker that produces ultra-high SPL with very that’s easy to listen to for hours. The rugged build quality will ensure they last for years to come, and the optional toroidal 70v transformer passes sound through with no coloration or distortion.

About Ambisonic Systems

When Jeffrey James Coombs founded Ambisonic Systems, he did so for one reason, to follow his love of creating the highest caliber of professional loudspeakers. This vision has been his driving factor since the early seventies when, as a teenager, he began building the installed speakers that eventually lead to methods and designs that now define Custom Integrated sound. The loudspeakers of Ambisonic Systems are his defining masterpieces, articulate, musical, and rugged.