This kit is perfect for one small to medium-sized room where sound quality matters, but a full architectural installation isn’t warranted. The SB3 is a passive soundbar that mounts directly to the wall, and the SUBV10P is deceptively powerful and still small enough to go unnoticed visually.

Sonically, you can’t miss this duo.



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The Soundbar is a passive speaker system that contains all three channels, Left, Center and Right. The LCR utilizes the same components but divides them into three separate enclosures to be placed on the left, in the center either above or below the video display and on the right.  The three speakers can also be placed in a linear row above or below the video display. The drivers are mounted in extruded aluminum enclosures and can be mounted on the wall, on the included stand or attached to a third-party mount connected directly to the video display. Regardless of your choice of mounting and position, the Soundbar and LCR’s will deliver pristine music and movie soundtracks and compliment your home theater experience.

Technical Specifications

Model Number: SB3

Part Number: SBC3000

Tweeter Diameter: 1″ (25mm)

Tweeter Dome: Silk DPSD

Woofer Diameter: Quad 3.5″ (89mm)

Woofer Cone: Glass Fiber

Frequency Response: 60Hz – 20kHz

Sensitivity: 90dB +/- 3dB

Speaker Series: Soundbars

Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal; 6 ohms minimum

Technical Specifications

Model Number: SUBV10P

Part Number: SUBV10000P

Woofer Diameter: 10″ (254mm)

Woofer Cone: Custom Resin Coated Paper

Frequency Response: 28Hz-200Hz

Speaker Series: Powered Sub