SUBV12P Performance Subwoofer



Technical Specifications

  • Model NumberSUBV12P
  • Part NumberSUBV12000P
  • Woofer Diameter12″ (305mm)
  • Woofer ConeCustom Resin Coated Paper
  • Frequency Response21Hz – 200Hz
  • Speaker SeriesPerformance Subwoofers


Ten-Inch Performance Subwoofer


To move enough air to create the thumping bass we all deserve, we’ve added a passive radiator to our all-new SubVP series of subwoofers. This passive diaphragm reacts to the changing air pressure within the cabinet, virtually doubling your woofer’s ability to create sound without drawing additional power. As a result, even smaller cabinets like these can create impactful low frequencies.

Premium Finish

Our brushed hybrid finish is durable and easy on the eyes. This thick, textured wrap looks and feels much more luxurious than the standard vinyl finishes you might see in other subwoofers at this price point.

5v Power

Pair our Wireless Sub Kit with the convenient 5v USB power outlet located on the rear panel of this series of subwoofers to open up your placement options.

Petite Cabinets

We’ve managed to produce shake-you-to-your-core low-end out of surprisingly diminutive cabinets by hand-selecting premium drivers and coupling them with powerful digital amplifiers. The passive radiator then really drives the whole system home.